Why an expert site supervisor is imperative for your building project

Why an expert site supervisor is imperative for your building project
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If you’re undertaking a building project, don’t make the mistake of realising the need for an expert site supervisor when it is too late. The role of the site supervisor is pivotal to the success of your project.

Trust a professional company

When you decide to build a home, it’s wise to choose to build with a company that is experienced, professional and delivers results for their customers. Coral Homes is a great example of such a company and one that is renowned for the delivery of quality home builds.

By partnering with a skilled and credible home builder, you can feel more confident that all aspects of the building project will be carried out to the highest of standards. The contributions of an expert site supervisor will be central to work being done safely, on schedule, on budget and to the highest quality standards.

An expert site supervisors role before the build begins

In some cases, an expert site supervisor carries responsibility for an entire site. In other cases, when an especially large building project is being undertaken, they may have responsibility for a particular aspect or component of the project.

In either case, an expert site supervisor will be involved in the recruitment of staff and preparation of the site before commencement of the project. They will carefully plan the work that needs to be done and oversee the installation of temporary offices for staff, if these are required.

The role of the expert site supervisor as work is carried out

As work is occurring, the site supervisor is equally as crucial. They monitor progress, check the delivery of building materials and, most importantly, assume safety checks to prevent problems before they eventuate.

The site supervisor also serves a vitally important communication function. They maintain close contact with members of the site team and are charged with liaison with professionals such as engineers, planners, architects and surveyors. Having one person as the central point for communication is infinitely valuable.

In terms of safety and compliance with regulations, the supervisor oversees all work to ensure that it is compliant with building regulations, legal requirements and legislation relevant to health and safety.

Communication with the client:

If you are undertaking a building project, you really will appreciate having a site supervisor working on your project. This professional will be the one to keep you informed about progress and will be your first point of contact. In many cases, they will also provide you with guidance about how issues can be overcome and solutions to problems.


We all know stories about building projects with timelines that completely blow out. If you have an supervisor for your project, you can take some reassurance in the fact that they have responsibility for the project deadline being met. Also, if accidents do occur on site, your supervisor will have a degree of responsibility for this.

Other benefits of a site supervisor:

Site supervisors typically have an extensive range of experience in the building industry. Many have undertaken professional studies relevant to their role and have been promoted to the position because they have successfully completed a number of contracts on schedule and within budget expectations.

There is no doubt that the role of an expert site supervisor carries much responsibility. The tasks performed by a supervisor are critical to the overall success of a building project, including worksite safety, compliance with all regulations and completion of the building to a high standard.

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