What not to do when you have just been fired

What not to do when you have just been fired

The bad day has come when you hear your employer say: “Sorry, you’re fired“. Do not get discouraged and, above all, try to control yourself. Sometimes anger or indignation may make you do things you will either regret or will stand in the way of finding your next job. The following tips will help you leave with your heads held high after being fired and leave a good impression on the workplace.

Do not leave without greeting your colleagues

You may have been filled with rage but you have to stay calm and not to externalize negative emotions! Surely you should not blame your colleagues and in no case should you come upon them. It is good to leave with your head held high and enjoy the moments with your colleagues. Do not leave without greeting them as you may meet them later to another job or need help at a new beginning.

Do not talk bad to your boss

At the moment you are considering the idea to enter his office and talk to him as badly as he deserves. It is advised to discard such a thought, because a poor handling can ruin your future career. It may ease your pain temporarily and help you get things out of your sytem but it will definitely create more problems than you want. Remember that you never know who you might encounter in your next job and how you need to do business in the future.

Do NOT do anything stupid with that box

Do NOT do anything stupid with that box

Do not destroy any property of the company

It is most likely to feel that you are abused or that it is unfair to be dismissed by your employer after so many years of work. However, despite the anger you must hold on and not do anything reckless! Remember that vandalism or theft are criminal offenses and beyond any retaliation on behalf of the company, it could destroy not only your professional future but your life too.

Do not forget to ask for a reference for your work

Even if you have been laid off 5 minutes ago you should ask for a reference from your employer for your work so far. Do not leave the workplace without trying to earn a positive or at least neutral reference. You will definitely need to use it in your resume and the next job interview. However, if you have been laid off because of a horrible mistake, do not bother asking for a reference from your boss.

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