What not to do when looking for a job

What not to do when looking for a job
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In times of crisis, there are many people who are looking for a job. If you are reading this, then chances are you too are looking for one. For sure, you have already read about how to write a CV and how to behave at the interview, but have you ever considered what is best not to do when looking for a job instead?  If not, read on, as this one is for you.

As a first suggestion is good to know that it is forbidden to feel blue and think in a negative way when looking for a job. You must have confidence in yourselves, otherwise others will doubt you and your abilities. Do not stop believing in your strengths and your merits.

Learn what you are not to do when in this situation

Learn what you are not to do when in this situation

Do not apply for any work that you find interesting and then maybe you will not be able to do it. Your CVs have to be diversified and customized according to the companies and the work to be done, so you should put emphasis on your strengths based on the open positions of a particular company. Attention: it is forbidden to lie, as the lies are soon revealed thanks to the internet. It is also good not to hide behind a computer because sometimes it’s best to bring your CV in person. When you send your CV to a company, don’t disappear after doing it but re-contact the company and ask if the position is still open and if they have received your CV. Remember that it is the quality that counts, not the quantity.

When writing your CV don’t very wordy, making it really long and full of frills, but give emphasis on the text and on a few key words that show right away who you are and what you can do, unless you are applying for a creative job. The ones in charge of reading and evaluating your CV prefer to read short ones to long one because they require less time. Try your best not to be rude with recruiters because they have a key role in selecting the best candidate and can help you if you make a good impression on them.

If you are looking for job, do not keep it to yourself and do not do anything in secret as if it were a shame. What you should do is ask for help and inform your friends or former co-workers. Maybe they know a company that has an open position suitable for you. In addition. get help from employment agencies and specialized websites. Be flexible and do not discard a position only because it is not at your level because, though it is true that you should not be satisfied (especially after studying so much), it is also true that you have to starts from the bottom to get to the top.

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