Useful tips to enrich your resume

Useful tips to enrich your resume
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The acquisition of the desired job can be really difficult so the first and most important thing to do prepare our CV. Your future employers may only be interested in certain things (your paycheck included),but if you want further development then you know very well that you should enrich it and get more qualifications.

Computer skills

Computer skills are not just necessary for your resume. They are of the greatest importance. Even you can work your way around a computer for simple tasks, any  additional knowledge would help you become better at it and enrich your CV. There are a number of ways to do that. First of all, you need to a computer skills certification of an adequate level or even to take a computer science degree.  These are two options that will provide you with the essential knowledge and experience to be a competitive employee.

Hone your skills

Hone your skills

Foreign languages

Multilingualism, apart from being a great asset, is a highly enjoyable pastime and in many cases do not have to pay very large sums of money. Dozens of websites, even from universities and institutions offer online courses utilizing a variety of methods such as quizes, photos, games, chatting with native speakers of the language etc. For example you could visit the BBC page (with a total of 40 languages), the Livemocha (38 languages), the Busuu and Polygot in which you can even learn  Swahili.


Whether you want to gain general knowledge on a particular are or you want to elaborate on something that you are interested in and feel that it can help you find a job, seminars are the ideal solution. They cover a wide range of themes (from marketing to physiotherapy) and usually do not last more than three months. You can check for seminars both online and by asking private institutions.


They are something that complete your resume so they are something you should not neglect. The internship will provide additional knowledge on the object in which you want to work professionally but the most important this is that they will provide you with the much needed experience that many employers seek.

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