Trimming Down Grocery Budget without Hurting Your Family’s Lifestyle

Trimming Down Grocery Budget without Hurting Your Family’s Lifestyle
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Grocery and food items make up the bulk of every household’s budget. Mothers often find it difficult to impossible to cut down grocery spending mainly because most of the items in the shopping cart are usually food and other household “necessities”. Well, no matter how impossible it may seem, there really are ways to trim down grocery budget without hurting your family’s lifestyle.

Avoid pre-packed meals.

Those convenient salad mixes may urge your family eat greens, but such convenience comes with a price not to mention they are less fresh and does not store well. Go for a fresh head of lettuce and make your own dressing from your condiment section at home.

Compare prices and try unbranded items.

Break off the mindset that branded ones have the highest quality. At times, it is just marketing psychology and some products from not so popular brands are actually better in quality and price.

Grow a vegetable garden.

Grow your own tomatoes, herbs, spices and even some fruits like strawberries and cucumbers when you can. That way, you do not have to pay for these at the supermarket.

Inquire about complimentary add-ons.

See if you can do away with the minor food preparations or little garnishing by requesting for free add-ons. For example, you may have your meat tenderized by the butcher or get complimentary greens for some loose flowers.

Investigate sale prices first.

Do not buy items just because they are on sale. See if they expire before you can even consume it. Check whether or not the discounted price actually saves you money.

Purchase one huge chunk of meat bone-in.

Have the butcher trim it for you to desired cuts – bones off, minced or cubed. Yes, one whole chicken is better than buying it in different cuts. Roast it, and then reuse leftovers for another dish and the bones for making stock.

Buy staples in bulk.

Staples such as cooking oil, canned beans, cereals and beverage powder are necessary items and can be stored for long periods. When you can, buy them in bulk and save money.

Make a list before hitting the grocery.

List down items you truly need. Check your pantry and fridge before you visit the supermarket so that you know what to buy.

Visit local farmer’s market.

Not only will you get the freshest ingredients, you also help local farmers when you buy from them. Also, you get priceless tips for cooking the produce and try a new recipe.

Learn how to make use of coupons.

It can be tricky and time-consuming at times, but coupons are fantastic to cut down your grocery budget considerably while going home with a bag full of household goods.

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