The use of Social Media at work

The use of Social Media at work
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In many companies there are workers who have access to Social Networks at work, so sometimes the heads make the decision to restrict these pages, considering it a waste of time that can affect business productivity. However, it sounds amazing that these Internet pages can be used as a way to improve productivity with tools in telecommunications, sales, marketing, etc. The utility of the Social Media at work will depend on the type of use that the employees of an organization give it.

James Froud in his article for The Guardian, argues that social networks are a kind of way for communication, which allows the connection of a fast and effective way, besides economic, potential customers, which would usually be difficult to cover. For example Facebook can be used as a gateway to millions of users with interests and tastes and habits that can be identified for enterprise or business in particular.

Social Media

Social Media

A proper use of Social Media At Work

In order to reap its benefits, companies should train their workers and encourage the use of this type of technological tools. This should be part of the internal policies of a company. Policies should be detailed for the proper use of these tools to not denature. Respect for the privacy of employees must be ensured, so the type of access and limitations thereof. If given an opening to their workers, should strengthen monitoring practices and give recommendations on the behavior that is to have. In this regard, there must be the same tone of conversation topics and have an adequate contingency plan for any inconvenience you may have.

Not in all cases is it advisable to use Social Media at work

On the other hand, there are also other kind of jobs that access to social networks does not imply any improvement for the workers of the organization. In such situations, leaders may regulate or restrict its use through the locks. If, as an entrepreneur you want to limit access to social networks, you should take into account that they may be as applications in cell phones, which today offer this facility through the advancement of technology. Whatever the case, it is important to consider what the pros and cons are to assess whether or not your employees should have access to social networks and in some cases, it could be a plus for the productivity of the company.

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