The How and Why behind storing tools in your Van

The How and Why behind storing tools in your Van

If you’re a tradesperson, then you’ll be familiar with the problem of keeping track of your tools when they’re in your van. Loose tools have a habit of rolling around when you’re on the move. So they need to be stored, organised and accessible, too. But organisation is not always easy to achieve when working under pressure. It can be easier to just chuck everything in the back at the end of a hard day.

Get Organised

To make life easier, consider installing racking or drawers. This will help turn your van into a mobile workshop rather than just a way to carry tools around. It can even help double or even triple your workspace.

Create the storage yourself

And it’s easy enough to do this yourself. A ply lining, standard in many vans, makes a good starting point and provides a solid surface on which to attach other components. The size and shape of your tools will ultimately determine how you organise your van interior. But remember to angle shelves or place a safety barrier at the lip of the shelf to prevent your tools crashing to the floor if you turn a corner sharply. And it’s worth installing straps to secure anything that’s too big or heavy to fit in a rack.

However, you should bear in mind that putting up internal shelving is considered a vehicle modification. So you should make sure you tell your insurer of the change.

Or buy a storage system

If time is tight and you don’t want to do the work yourself, then there are many commercial options available to you. For example, Mule International is launching a design for modular van storage that helps you to turn the back of your van into a full-width drawer. It also features a racking system that allows trays holding up to 200kg of equipment and materials to extend fully beyond the back of the van for full access to all three sides of the tray.

How proper storage can help

Organised storage will mean your tools remain secure while you’re on the move, meaning you can drive your van safely.  Plus, your tools will be easier to get hold of when you need them.

Tools are vital to running your business so it makes sense to protect them also with insurance.  A comprehensive van insurance policy will pay to replace your tools if they’re lost or stolen. Tools left in a van are a target for thieves. An organised van allows you to easily remove your tools at the end of the day and put them in a secure storage area for the night.

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