The Four Horsemen | The Renegade Economist documentary on the crisis

The Four Horsemen | The Renegade Economist documentary on the crisis
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The’ve come up with yet another documentary about the crisis, its causes and consequences called the Four Horsemen with the Renegade Economist as the producer. If you want to know more about who is behind this production I recommend reading this article. My impression after seeing it is it’s like a monkey with a crossbow which caught a little here and a little there, that one can be a renegade economist or unorthodox, but at least have to keep coherence in discourse.

The documentary, as the voiceover says, wants to focus on the consequences of the crisis as we are at that stage, which does not mean that you have to look back and analyze how we got here. But what makes the difference with other works is that it specifies the four threats unleashed on our world in this era of the consequences which are:

A predatory financial system, growing organized violence (terrorism), poverty and depletion of resources. When the voiceover states that this is not a conspiratorial documentary, one alarm is activated. Then the documentary presents four chapters whose titles do not match those of the previously mentioned riders.

Documentary about Economy

Documentary about Economy

1st Empire

They start with the proposition that there have been changes in the systems, subtle changes intended to favor someone, a clique, to certain groups but these changes have been admitted due to the adaptability of humans to all kinds of circumstances.

2nd The Banking

Next comes the section on banking, the critique of currency but without going into who allows this and who directed this.

3rd Terrorism

The last two paragraphs are perhaps the least developed. Finally it comes to discover that at this point the use of force by States, in particular by the United States to achieve huge profits suprises. Less known, but no less, is the whole issue of development aid, FAD loans and the like, huge business elites of the sending and receiving countries.

4th Resources

In the last section, the Central depletion of natural resources, which refers to ecological problems questioned. It is such a broad topic that I would post too much, but there’s one thing I do wish to emphasize. I do not quite understand the exclusion made in speaking of capitalism cooperation. Capitalism is competition, of course, but also cooperation. The major business accomplishments we know were hardly conducted without the cooperation between companies.

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