The certain characteristics required of a manager

The certain characteristics required of a manager
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A person who leads by example, who is both fast and effective at making decisions and well-connected. These are some of the characteristics required of an ideal leader in Colombia. Yet, these apply to all managers worldwide.

Michael Page, a company dedicated to specialized executive selection for different industries, has developed the profile required of a true leader. In total, there are 15 features that someone in a leading role should have in Colombia to be recognized as a leader and succeed in management.

Benjumea Beltran, executive director of Michael Page in Colombia, explains that these are the kind of features that contribute in finding the best executives in the country. A strategy that the company has developed through specialized processes by functional area selection. This filter also applies to identifying leaders in different fields or activities.

Be the manager in the room

Be the manager in the room

“These are features that transcend purely business issues. A politician or an athlete who meets these characteristics is a natural leader. Such a person is sure not to only be good in his scope, but can be a winner in any other task that he may undertake, like a position in a public office” said the representative of the consulting firm HR.

According to Benjumea there are specific characteristics of leadership for the Colombian market, which is rapidly opening up to the world. In this market however, world-class practices and values ​​such as ethics, the power of execution and proper management of personal relationships are sometimes difficult to obtain.

These are the 15 characteristics required of a true leader in Colombia as have been stated by Michael Page:

1. Be able to lead by good example in any way.
2. Be well connected and knowing the right people.
3. Be operative.
4. Demonstrate dynamism through your whole stance.
5. Be accustomed to multitasking.
6. Be quick at making decisions.
7. Face the outcome of your actions.
8. Be fluent in multiple foreign languages.
9. Be patient, as the Colombian market is slow in many respects.
10. Perform well at different levels.
11.  Be oriented to teamwork.
12. Have a commercial way of thinking.
13. Be able to adapt to different generations and types of people.
14. Know the scope and impact of new technologies.
15. Have high bargaining skills.

These characteristics are more Colombia – oriented but they are also traits of anyone who aspires to become a great and important manager.

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