Tenancy Tips for Young Career People

Tenancy Tips for Young Career People
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If you are just starting your career and investing in a home is not a priority at the moment, becoming a tenant is the best way to go if you are not keen on staying with your folks. But before signing your lease, knowing your legal rights as a tenant is utterly important.

Learn the Basics

It is important to be in the know when it pertains to what the landlord can and cannot do as well what is in the lease contract before signing anything. First, it is illegal for landlords to disapprove an application for discriminatory reasons, such as, race, colour, religion and sexual orientation. Second, while an oral agreement is permissible, it is still better to go for a written document. Third, ensure that you check the contact information of the owner of the property in the contract, the people in charge of maintenance as well as the contact person in cases of violations to the property because it is required by law.

On Deposits and Building Condition

Ensure that you are handed a receipt, in case you are required to pay for security deposit. Also, see to it that the landlord informs you of the existing damages in the flat you are leasing and do your homework with regards to the rental laws in the area.

Locks, Utilities and Eviction

The landlord is not legally allowed to change the locks and prevent you from entering the premises as well as cut off utilities like water supply. Also, you cannot be forced to leave or be evicted right away if ever there are grounds for eviction. Written notice should be provided by your landlord.

Living Environment

As a paying individual, it is your right to live in a habitable environment, free from pests, with a proper kitchen and sink and functional heating system, among others. Ensure that before you move in, all these areas are covered.

These are just some guidelines to protect your tenancy. What is important is for you to know your rights as a tenant so you can focus more on your career and eventually save up for your future and your own home.

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