Talking to your boss about a salary increase

Talking to your boss about a salary increase
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Asking for a salary increase from your employer may, in some cases, turn into a tug of war. It is very important that these negotiations come to a conclusion that leaves both parties satisfied. It is also important to be able to snatch a slice as consistent as possible. In this guide, we see what strategies to adopt and how to negotiate a salary increase.

Before you bring yourself face to face with your employer, it is better to do a thorough check on your work, trying to figure out if that is the best time to make the request, without being afraid of our employer’s answer. There are many things to take into consideration. Let’s start with the question of whether the role you play is a role of responsibility, to analyze whether the industry in which you operate has undergone an increase to justify your request. It’s no use, as well as inconvenient, coming forward when knowing that the economics are not making any extra profits. Conversely, if there were positive economic developments it would be a good starting point. Before making concrete economic demands, you should do market research, trying to understand how other people perceive salary that perform your tasks of your type, with the same degree of responsibility. Once you have finished analyzing this framework, you can go on.

Now it's time to have your meeting

Now it’s time to have your meeting

Once all the information you need is in our possession, you can ask for the interview with your boss. It is very important to present to him as quietly as possible. You should bring with you a written list of all the reasons that led you make a request for an increase and you should always give the impression of being up to the task. Begin the discussion by listing only the role you play, the commitment with which you dedicate yourselves to it, but most of all emphasize your successes. Do not ever leave with the money demand explicitly, as the numbers are important, and in this case they are even more, but you must not give the impression that it is only to be interested in the business side: first of all you have to demonstrate loyalty to your company. Once you have finished listing all of your requests, you are waiting for him to put on the plate the figure that wants to give you as the increase. Never respond hastily, neither in the negative nor in the positive case. Let yourself have a moment of reflection, pondering the offer for a moment and give him your answer. If it is not satisfactory, then you can start real negotiations, trying to bring home the best result possible.

In the event that the offer that is made ​​by the other party does not reflect at all your expectations, never ever start to threaten with phrases like: Okay, then I’ll go to work for the competition or even worse: From this very moment I leave the company. These are trivial errors you do not make in negotiations. Another big mistake to avoid is present here your salary comparing with that of other colleagues.

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