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Is Home Ownership Still Worth It?
0 comments, 06/04/2016, by in Real Estate

Homeownership has long been deemed an American dream. However, with today's rising house prices and increasing foreclosure rate, homeownership may not be in the investment list of many younger Americans. A research conducted by real estate listing and analytics company, Zillow, revealed that many A... Read more...

Tips When Buying a Foreclosed Property
0 comments, 09/03/2016, by in Real Estate

Are you eyeing a foreclosed property but know that this is not an easy thing to do? There are some limitations to buying bank-owned properties for a number of reasons. First, their seller needs to get an approval from the lending institution. Second, what you see is what you get. Whatever repairs ar... Read more...

The Best Fix for a Fixer Upper
0 comments, 11/11/2014, by in Investing, Real Estate

The real estate world is fraught with pitfalls. If you don't tread carefully, you could end up with a money pit. Does a fixer upper fall into such a category? Although buying low and selling high can be an investment style you can adopt in real estate, there are more risks involved where a fixer upp... Read more...