Sometimes being first does not mean being best

Sometimes being first does not mean being best

Many companies always seek to be the first to market, the first to launch promotions and outrun the competition but many of them are executed by the same competition. The success story of a company is not always synonymous with being the pioneer, take the example of some. Google was not the first search engine, AltaVista was launched in 1994 which received 61,000 daily searches in 2013 and was officially closed, many never even knew of its existence. But now look at the Internet, Google, this shows the success of this company and positioning in the market.

Customers want to be surprised to see a product for the first time, looking for innovation, especially early adopters, but many more are going to be surprised by the improvements in the product or service. This confirms that being first is not equal to success. It certainly offers an advantage as long as the one taking the lead makes a long-term plan to allow changes and improvements. Entering a market that is already crowded makes it difficult to create new spaces and products necessary.

We must take into account whether the risks of pioneering, competition learns from mistakes without risk. Even users can realize this and look for other options. So what should we do, the benefits are many and being first must be exploited intelligently, think innovation and differentiation from the competition, these are the keys to extend the competitive advantage.

Adopting new resolutions does not mean leaving behind what has been done, there will always be someone creating something new. So do not only create demand but also maintain it. Trust and loyalty are something that can help us maintain the lead. We think it’s a chess game, the first movement is important but we must plan a strategy to win the game.

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