So You Lost Your Job, Now What?

So You Lost Your Job, Now What?
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Rumors had been going on for months that the company is downsizing and many had been jumping ship, but not you. Perhaps, for the love of work or the fear of unemployment, you chose to stay. Then one day, you suddenly get handed the dreaded pink slip. What will you do? Losing a job, whether you were terminated due to performance or your company is restructuring, although giving you redundancy pay, can still be frustrating and scary. However, you can still move on and start with a clean slate.

Here are some pointers to help you out:

Give yourself time to process it in your brain and rethink.

Suddenly being unemployed after years of earning regularly is stressful. However, you are not at the dead end. It‘s important to take some time to let it sink in and take it as an opportunity to rethink your priorities and goals. Perhaps, you can take that vacation you have been putting off for year, returning home rejuvenated to apply again. Or maybe, this is the opportune time to push through with your business idea. Who knows? You might be better off being an entrepreneur than a salaried employee.

Don’t burn bridges with your former employers.

It might be that you are angry with what happened but don’t let this affect you and your relationship with the company you worked for. Unless you have been fired illegally and you have a reason to fight for your right as an employee, it is best not to talk against your employers especially during your next job interview. Apart from that being unethical, it can affect your future employment. Moreover, if you have a good working relationship with your former employers, there is a chance you will be reconsidered in case your services will be needed.

If you plan to apply for a new job, update your CV and don’t shun your friends. They might be able to refer you for work. Also, cut back on your expenses until you get settled with a new job or business. Losing a job is not easy, but if you know focus, you can take that next step and still be fine.

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