Show Your Home in the Best Possible Light

Show Your Home in the Best Possible Light
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When selling your home, it should be as appealing as possible to any and all potential buyers that walk through your front door. You probably already know some of the most basic rules to making your home more appealing to buyers: cleaning, repairing anything broken, and decluttering.

But what about designing? Could too much furniture, or even old, unfashionable furniture be turning off buyers and keeping your house on the market?

This is where staging comes in. Staged homes spend more than 70% less time on the market than homes that are not staged, plus they tend to sell for more money! A well-staged home looks like it’s been well maintained; and buyers love the idea of not having to dump more money into the property after they’ve bought it, so they’ll be willing to pay more up front!

Check out the Home Stratosphere infographic below to get started learning why you should definitely stage your home to sell, and how you can get started!

Home Staging

Home Staging

home staging

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