Should You Quit School and Pursue Business?

Should You Quit School and Pursue Business?
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Not many people ever have this amazing problem of facing a fork in the road while they are still in school.  It is rare to find entrepreneurial souls in college where many young people are groomed to become future employees, trying their luck at the corporate ladder. If you ever find yourself deciding between school and business, here are tips for you.

Do Both When You Can

The first obvious yet challenging option is to do both simultaneously. Again, not many people have the will and strength to do both studies and business, and excel in both, too. In most cases, you are going to have to settle for mediocrity in both, but if that is okay with you, then go for it. However, this allows you to hit two birds all at once – when you are through with school, you have a college degree and you have a promising startup. If your business does not soar like you would want it, you can buy some time, pool funds and build connections by getting a job. If your business succeeds, you can still make use of your degree somehow, and perhaps consider getting an MBA later on.

Pursue Studies First, Business Later

Business is tough, and despite the potential of your startup idea, you can only go so far without the necessary knowledge and skills. Do not despair. Pursue your studies first and finish your degree the best and fastest way possible. If you mix in business with studies, chances are that you are going to sacrifice one for the other. Spend your youth on studies and then do business after graduation.

Do Business First, Study Later

You might regret leaving school for business no matter how successful your startup has become. Bill Gates did. Anyway, it is always better to pursue what you love the most, and if your degree is not exactly what you love, and switching to something else is not an option, then perhaps doing business is the best option for you. Just remember: never stop learning.

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