Reasons you should be using a vehicle tracking system

Reasons you should be using a vehicle tracking system

When it comes to the security of your van, there are a huge range of things to consider which will ensure you are covered if the worst case scenario occurs. Many van owners will fit things such as immobilisers and alarms, yet some still choose not to fit a vehicle tracking system.

Here are some reasons why you should be using a vehicle tracking system.

It will reduce your premium

Having a tracking system in place can dramatically lower the cost of your commercial van insurance with firms like More Than van insurance. To a potential insurer, this shows that you have put appropriate precautions in place to avoid theft. After all, vans are one of the main targets for this kind of crime, so it pays to be safe.


If you are part of a large commercial team that are delivering goods, your tracking system will provide you with enough proof if someone claims they didn’t receive what you delivered. Also, if using a company van, it can give your manager a better understanding of how long a delivery may take if they are liaising with a customer. In other words, it can act as a fantastic tool for customer service.

Never get lost

Gone are the days of relying on pre-meditated map routes or sporadically placed road signs. Using a tracking system allows you the peace of mind of knowing you will get to the destination by using the best possible route. This also reduces the risk of spending further working hours travelling.

Reduce costs of operating

The luxury of analysing how much fuel is being using, what speed you are going at, how heavy your breaking was, and how many miles you drive is fantastic, as it lets you gauge what your expected costs are going to be. According to The Guardian, this can really drive the costs down especially in small businesses.

It’s easy

With advancements in technology nowadays, anyone can have a basic vehicle tracking system installed on their phone or tablet. The most important thing when doing this though is to make sure it is taken with you when leaving the vehicle.

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