Make Your Marketing Budget Work for Your SEO and PPC Strategies

Make Your Marketing Budget Work for Your SEO and PPC Strategies
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The internet has become the biggest, easiest and most effective platform to reach out to a wider audience than traditional media could ever do. Among the many online marketing strategies that most marketers use are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click). So, now the question that begs answering is: which one should you choose?

Search engine optimization is more sustainable, but takes a long time for a company to realize its results. PPC on the other hand offers instantaneous results, but it requires you to spend money every time you get a customer. This can be a dilemma for most business especially smaller companies.

Here’s what industry experts can say to newcomers:

Know your industry.

If you’re in the dark as to which marketing strategy to use, it all depends on how much you can spend for it, how strong the competition is and what your website does. SEO can work very well if you belong to a niche industry and has established authority, which means that you don’t really need to spend on PPC.

But if you are trying to penetrate a mature market, it’s best to distribute your budget between PPC and SEO strategies. This is because pay-per-click advertising can help draw more business to your site. Aside from that, PPC is also a fantastic way to determine high performing keywords, which you can use to strategize your SEO later on.

Understand your brand and audience.

SEO won’t work if you have an innovative product, which means that people won’t really search for it until they find out about it. This also means that PPC will get you more customers since your ads will be more visible to your audience. Similarly, pay per click isn’t the best marketing method to use if your product has a really low margin.

Always start with SEO.

Small and starting companies that are strapped for cash are tempted to forego using SEO while they draw customers through PPC. But according to seasoned marketers, this can be a lost opportunity. This is because Google uses a ‘wait and see’ approach for new websites, so the sooner you start using SEO, the more traffic your site will gain. This is because content can get people talking about you and sharing any information about you, generating links and tapping to other Google signals.

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