Keeping your Betting in Check

Keeping your Betting in Check

The particular thrill of a gamble is familiar to us all, whether we’re making a high risk investment, playing hardball in a negotiation or even simply awaiting the results of a lottery draw. It’s a thrill especially familiar to devotees of sports betting, where the simple pleasure of watching high quality sporting action mingles entertainingly with this gambling buzz in a market catered for by myriad high street bookmakers and online providers such as

It’s a universal truth that every high must bring lows, and the gambling high familiar to sports betting fans can – when pursued in excessive fashion – lead to addiction, debt and a whole raft of personal problems which follow in their wake.

Sports betting is no bad thing in itself, but when it becomes an addiction it can ruin lives. These steps will help to keep betting an enjoyable pastime, rather than allowing it to become an all-consuming compulsion:

The limit is king

As we all know, it is important to budget properly for every aspect of life. One sets aside a sum of money on a regular basis for living costs, travel, food, recreation and so on. Sports betting would fall into the latter category, and must co-exist with whatever other leisure pastimes the budgeter pursues. The amount of money allocated for sports betting within a recreation budget must be proportional with other activities, and the limit defined by your budget should be your absolute betting limit when you enter the bookmaker’s shop.

Keep it safe

Keep it safe

Sports betting is not a job

Spurred on by tabloid tales of unlikely rags-to-riches-through-gambling successes, some sports betters tragically fall for the fiction that sports betting is a viable means of generating an income. The outrageously irresponsible propagation of this lie has cost countless livelihoods throughout the world, and instances of individuals making a decent living from sports betting are rare in the extreme. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled into making the same mistake.

Quit while you’re ahead

Knowing to quit while you’re ahead is crucial throughout life. We take our risks, gain our desired reward and then remove further risk by taking the money and running. Don’t make the mistake of winning a sum of money on a bet, only to gamble that money away once again. Not only is this option liable to cost you your winnings, it’s also indicative of a compulsion to gamble.

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