Keeping to the family budget

Keeping to the family budget
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To make sure you don’t get any nasty surprises at the end of the month, and realize maybe you do not have more money to cover the expenses that you must make, it is good to take into account all the household expenses and also the extraordinary ones. Let’s see how to keep the family budget and which things should be necessarily taken into account.

The first objective to be asked in order to have a good management of the family budget, and if possible a positive one, is that the income of the family is equal to the expanses; it would be even better to be able to keep the costs to a lower revenue, to make sure that you can have a cash fund to be used for unexpected expenses or to buy something a certain value.
The budget will help you understand how much money is available and plan for the ordinary expenses, so you will be able to realize if you should economize on purchases or if there is the possibility of putting some of money aside.

To keep to your budget, you must keep track of everything

To keep to your budget, you must keep track of everything

First thing to do is write down all the income of all family members that contribute to the budget. This will give you a clear idea of your limitations.
To make a budget you need to keep accurate account of all the members of the family, the type of income (from employment on a fixed income, or income from self-employment with a variable rate), the type of house (if rented, owned, single or condominium) and the means used for moving around (car, public transport).

To plan your incomes and expanses, even if it is a job that is a little long and tedious, it is good to collect, with method and perseverance, all receipts of expenses that are incurred. You can start by fixed charges for the rental of the house or of any mortgage, the cost of all utilities (water, electricity, gas, telephone), any maintenance fees and heating systems and those for transport used (subscriptions, tickets, petrol, insurance and road tax).In addition there are fees, subscription television, school fees and any enrollments in schools or gymnasiums. You also have to take into account the expenses for food shopping, detergents and clothing.

Though every family is different from another, these are just the items of expenditure common to almost all families. According to your way of life, however, you can add all the required and often related to leisure activities or personal passions.

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