Is It Required To Update Your Address With The IRS?

Is It Required To Update Your Address With The IRS?
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When it comes to business taxes, some things are a lot more complicated than they are with personal taxes.  For one thing, you have to choose the right type of entity for your business.  You must do this right when you establish your business, as soon as you apply for a federal EIN number.

Once you have your corporation Tax ID number, or whichever kind of EIN you have chosen for your business, it is very hard to change your entity type.  Fortunately, though, some procedures involving the IRS are much simpler.

When Dealing with the IRS Is Simple

For one thing, the EIN application is very simple.  It is just a matter of filling out the application form.  If you fill it out on the IRS-EIN website, you will receive an email with your EIN the same day.

Updating your address when you move is also a very straightforward process.  If you move right before tax time, you can just put your new address on your tax return.  The IRS will automatically update your address.  If you move after filing the return but before getting a refund, you will want to notify the IRS quickly of your change of address.  This way, you can receive your refund without delay.

How to Notify the IRS of Your New Address

The most common way to notify the IRS of your address change is to fill out a change of address form.  If you need to notify them quickly, though, you can also notify them by phone.  The agent you speak to will update your address in the system immediately.

It is fast and easy to notify the IRS of a change of address.  You can notify them by mail or by phone.

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