Important languages ​​entrepreneurially

Important languages ​​entrepreneurially
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Undoubtedly, one of the main reasons for learning languages ​​lies in the labor issue. As such, dozens of internet portals agree that the most important languages ​​are Spanish, English, Mandarin Chinese, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese and Italian. To help you choose the most important languages ​​for Spanish speakers, it is necessary to have some criteria to consider according to the importance and priority. One of the most important criteria is undoubtedly how is the language distributed in the world. Obviously, the more people that speak one language, the more important it becomes. There is also an interest of economic and labor issues that have an important role in determining which languages ​​should be studied. This is based on a long-term approach and even a view of at least five years in order to display the pale that this will have on the world powers and their successors.

European Flags

European Flags


This is the third most spoken language in the world, but the first to be studied. In the five continents of the world this language is spoken not only by native speakers, but from those who have learned it as a second language. Also the most powerful countries adopt it to be useful in the field of business, international trade and of course, the internet.


Spanish is the second language spoken in the world, and the most studied. It is also the official language in 21 countries, and as in the case of English, it means business. The importance of this language crescendoed while emigrants created a major group in developed countries.

Chinese Mandarin

This is the most spoken language in the world, but has not yet become the most important. Its importance grew thanks to the Asian country opening its markets to the world increasing its GDP.


French is the ninth most spoken language in the world and just like English, it is spoken on five continents. It is also an official language in 32 countries and is spoken in everyday life in other parts of the world. Also, most of the world studies it as a second language.


In Europe, German is the most spoken language after Russian. The German-speaking communities exist in at least 20 countries. Its importance lies in the grand opening of the labor market with this language. It is very broad.

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