Human resources | Top 5 tips for hiring

Human resources | Top 5 tips for hiring
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Recruitment and human resources specialists such as Chandler Macleod know that appointing the best people is critical. Few businesses can afford to lose time, money and suffer poor results, because of a bad choice of candidate. In fact, the cost of a bad hiring decision is estimated to be anywhere in the range of $25,000 to $50,000. When you consider the costs of advertising, sourcing, reviewing applications, engaging, and orientating and training new employees, this estimate makes sense. To ensure that you hire the right people, check out the five tips below.

1. Focus on the candidate’s competence

Of all factors, a candidate’s level of competence should be the first that you consider. Be honest and thorough in your appraisal of whether the prospective employee has the skills, education and experience to guarantee they will successfully fulfil the tasks central to the role.

2. Ascertain whether or not the candidate is capable

You want the person to complete the tasks which are straightforward and ‘easy’, but know that excellent employees are also able to execute the tasks that demand greater levels of effort and creativity.

Think about whether the candidate shows promise for growth. Also, measure their motivation and ability to assume greater responsibility within your business.

3. Consider the extent to which the candidate is a ‘good fit’

A person’s compatibility and potential to fit in with the business and its people is a definite determinant of whether their employment will be successful. Think carefully about whether a candidate is likely to get along with other staff, as well as the customers, clients and partners with whom they will need to work. Workplace culture is extremely precious and you will realise this once it is jeopardised.

4. Find out whether the candidate is committed

You will want to find out just how committed a candidate is and how dedicated they are to working for your business in the long term. Review the candidate’s work history carefully as this can give clues about loyalty and dedication, or whether the person has seemed to always work short term jobs in the quest to move on to something better.

5. Consider whether values match

Try to discover whether the candidate has values that parallel your own values, and those of your business. Honesty is important; you want staff that can be trusted and will maintain promises. You also want to find staff that are willing to work as part of a team.

When hiring staff, it’s important to make the best decisions possible. The costs of hiring the wrong staff are expensive, and can be detrimental to the productivity and culture of your business. The right people, on the other hand, will help to ensure a healthy financial return over a period of time, and make many other worthwhile contributions to the business. Make sure you follow these tips for guidance on hiring excellent staff that will complement and enhance your business.

Do you have any other tips to add? What do you think is the most important consideration when hiring? Leave a comment below to share your point of view.

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