How to stand out in a group interview

How to stand out in a group interview
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Everyone has had to, at least once in their lives, go through a job interview and has been forced to hold talks often exhausting from which they come destroyed and often without getting the results expected. And there are also those who have had to go through all that in a group interview.

Many believe the group interviews are less tiring, stressful and difficult to deal with, like the usual “1 vs 1”, but not all that glitters is gold. It is not uncommon, in fact, that people (especially those more shy and introverted) fail to stand out and show their full potential. So the question arises: “Is there a way to stand out in a group interview? “. Well the answer is yes, and in this guide we will show you how to behave so as not to be overwhelmed by the other candidates and succeed in your goal.
We assume that the group interview is a practice whose objectives are to investigate the characteristics considered important in the examination. These are listed below:

– Ability to meet the deadlines for finishing your projects.
– Ability to work in a team.
– Leadership within the group.
– Ability to express ideas, knowing how to motivate.
– Ability to take into account conflicting ideas from your team.
– Ability to work under pressure.
– Negotiation skills to achieve the goal.
– Communication skills.

After taking into account the purposes of this particular type of interview, we can begin to illustrate the winning strategies for it.

Stand out with a smile

Stand out with a smile

1. Having a dress code

It is true that you can’t judge a book by its cover, but the cover plays an important role too. Remember that the way you dress reflects who you are. It is appropriate, therefore, to dress formally and accordingly to the job you are applying for.

2. Take proxemics into account

For the uninitiated, proxemics is a discipline that studies the gestures, behavior, space and distance while communicating, both verbal and non-verbal. That said, is proxemics important? Now, imagine being in charge of a company, having an interview session and you are presented with a person with hunched shoulders, speaking in a feeble voice, trembling and always keeping his head down. Now think about another person who comes up with a vigorous handshake, shoulders back, chest out, head up and decisive tone of voice. Which one would you be more likely to hire? I do not know about you, but I definitely would go for the latter. With this example, I hope that I managed  to make you realize how important your whole stance is and how it affects the final decision.

3. Make frequent interventions but be concise

In this way you will show that you are not passive and you don’t only acknowledge the decisions of the other candidates. Propose your own ideas and solutions when you get the chance to. However, you have to be careful not to over analyze things and take too much time.

4. You may be right and you may not

Respect and listen to the ideas of others while trying to find a compromise with your own. Your suggestions may be valid but they are not the only ones in the room. Listen to what everyone says yet remember that you are second to none.

5. Be yourself

You have to show your skills and prove to be the man or the woman your qualifications show but do not overdo it. Do not show off or else you may end up flaunting and ruining your chances.

6. Do not panic

Unexpected events happen in life but you must do your best not to be caught unprepared. In the unfortunate case that happens, keep calm. Do not panic at the first problem that comes. Great men are recognizable by the way they deal with adversities and the strategies to overcome them.

7. Be aware of the time

In the face of deadlines the quality of your work is secondary. Your project can be brilliant and accomplished in a precise and perfect way, but it must be done in a certain amount of time. So avoid wasting time on the smallest details. Make sure you have worked on the necessary things and you will always find time for the finishing touches.

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