How to maintain a Client

How to maintain a Client
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In many cases, keeping a customer becomes a priority in a company, more important than seeking a new one. It is important because by this action, we are creating a loyal customer to our brand or product. We’ll give you five powerful tips for how to maintain a customer.

1. Provide good quality products

A first step to maintaining a customer is in providing a product of very good quality, that has inputs first, with attractive design that will endure over time, with a priority to customer satisfaction, rather than with intend to sell.

2. Give good care

Another important step toward recovering our customers is through good and excellent care. This may involve a polite greeting, a caring smile, be attentive to any questions in a friendly manner, without pressure to buy a product and always thank them for their purchase.

Client types

Client types

3. Surprise him with something else

To maintain a client, a strategy that never fails, is offering something extra to what he is taking with his purchase. Something that has been offered and has to be fulfilled for him to go satisfied. An example of this is the last minute discount, purchase a gift that is not expected or perhaps by delivering the purchased product to their home. A free installation can also be a good way to surprise the client.

4. Thank him for the purchase

When the client is gone or has returned home, having made the purchase in your business, you have to take the initiative to make him feel important. You can achieve this by phoning him, thanking him for his purchase and asking him if it was well attended. If you are writing an email, you can add to enhance the benefits of the product purchased and all the benefits he will have with it.

5. Contact eventually to inquire about the product

If you want your client to return loyal there’s a fifth rule which is to give a post product sales up. You can do this by phoning or by emailing to ask how they are doing with the product, or if they have any questions on it. The customer must feel that there is a real concern for how it feels.

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