How to compare offers from multiple brokers before buying a house

How to compare offers from multiple brokers before buying a house

Nowadays, a lot of people the debate between buying or renting a house is still on. Yet, many consider the possibility of buying their own. Before you rely on an estate agent to buy a house, you should compare offers from multiple brokers, because the conditions, services and prices can vary greatly, as well as the seriousness and professional preparation of those who will be in charge of intermediation. It is a major purchase, which often creates economic constraints that  have long-term cost on you -the buyer- and your family, so you should proceed in such a step with caution and careful planning.

Make sure he his the right one for you

Make sure he is the right one for you

Although all real estate agents offer all kinds of housing types to propose to the prospective purchaser, not all apply the same commission on the final price; must, therefore, ask about the percentage that will be the compensation for the services performed. This, also, will be comprised of:
1. Research activities and mediation.
2. Accompaniment during the inspections.
3. Issue of land records and legal viewing of property: map, cadastral certificate, certificates of presence or absence of constraints on mortgage or building permit violations; certificate of habitability; Names of the owner; provenance of the building: donation, purchase, inheritance
4. The preliminary preparation of the act, namely the so-called compromise.
5. Assistance and consultancy for the deeds finals.

After checking the availability to ensure the required tasks, you will need to check the official websites of the selected brokers to derive the update status of their repertoire and view images of properties which are responsible for their sale. You can also search through the internet for recent comments from other people who have chosen them and read their positive or negative opinions.

Require a quote for selling proposition that is well detailed, where the commissions due shall be specified and agreed to the performance taking place.
Clarify at the outset whether you will have to pay a fee even if the purchase will be completed without mediation. This will help you keep in mind the total sum of the money you will spend for your purchase.
Exclude deals that bind the buyer to sign a unilateral proposal of purchase. This is a commitment not due and which restricts the exercise of the right to apply to other agencies to find better choices.
Remember, finally, that the expenses incurred to liquidate the broker commission may be deducted from direct taxes, depending on your country.

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