Five reasons why you should get a life insurance

Five reasons why you should get a life insurance

Life insurance has gained prominence in recent years as more and more people are concerned about securing their future and that of their loved ones, as well as those wished they had done so. In addition, insurance companies have designed different products that are no longer limited to cover the death of the insured but also provide for permanent disability or even include savings plans, ideal to act as a complement to the pension that is to be received at the time of retirement. Getting one has also become simpler than ever and it may be just a few mouse clicks away, like the case of  PINNACLE Life Insurance NZ, without the need of excessive knowledge of the subject.

Investing in life insurance is very convenient when:

1. You work as a freelancer and want to protect yourself in case of disability or permanent damage. If you are self-employed, you have to take some additional measures to protect yourself if you suffer an illness or accident that causes a disability. Having a life insurance, you will not have to worry about the number of years of contributions or other complex legal details.

2. You have a family, especially with young children. The children always represent a responsibility for parents, especially if they are too young. Life insurance is the best choice to ensure that your plans for their future will materialize in case you are not next to them. This should cover their educational expenses, such as college, and a capital to help them move their lives forward. Your family is always dependent on you and you should repay their trust by providing for them in the extreme case of something bad happening to you.

You should do whatever you can to be there for them

You should do whatever you can to be there for them

3. You want to ensure economic stability at the time of retirement. With the constant changes in social security, we have experienced in recent years that the retirement age is increasingly delayed and in most cases, the pension to be received is insufficient to maintain the same lifestyle. Therefore, an excellent strategy is to get a life insurance pension plan that allows you to have a retirement free of financial worries.

4. You want to invest your money safely. Following the economic crisis around the globe, insurance companies have proven to be one of the most solid and creditworthy financial institutions in the market. Precisely for this reason, it is desirable to secure a portion of the equity you’ve saved through life policies with pension plans. Furthermore, you can decide whether you will invest in more aggressive funds or if you prefer safer products that offer good long-term returns and minimize risks.

5.  You have a demanding job or practise an extreme sport. Everyone is exposed to an accident at any time but if you do a job that involves great risk or are a fan of extreme sports, you are more likely to be a victim of an incident. In these cases, a life insurance policy can be very helpful.

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