Finding a job: what is social media recruiting?

Finding a job: what is social media recruiting?
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The social media recruiting is the search for an appropriate professional in a job reviewing the information provided by him on the main social networks like Twitter, Facebook and especially LinkedIn. Today, the traditional headhunters are in fact largely been replaced by the head hunter 2.0, which in some ways have become private investigators and check if the information provided by the candidate in the traditional curriculum vitae and letter of introduction sent to a company are really their real picture, or at least from what they leaked in their profiles on the social. This type of verification is called credential check and it is increasingly common in Europe.



So here are some tips for those who are trying very brisk businesses and want to try also this channel, creating a good professional reputation :

* Choose the social network on which to “work” on the basis of a clear strategy, or opting for what most likely will be pleasing to the potential employer. One thing is to look for a job as an animator of resorts, it is a whole new look for a job in a bank or as a journalist.

* Working long on your online profile, setting privacy options in a very rigid about your personal life and instead leaving maximum visibility to the professional. For example, a LinkedIn profile should shine for the amount of activities and typing your name into Google should lead to many pages in which we quoted from the professional point of view.

* Do not underestimate the importance of the photo published in the profile: its absence is viewed with suspicion (just as you would find it hard to trust anyone who wants to sell a house without showing it) : we need to choose an image in which it is attractive from the point of physically, smiling ( face or bust ) and anyway recognizable in the event of a future interview.

* Treating brief description – title (headline) that presents itself: must immediately give the idea of ​​the type of industry in which we operate and encourage the reader to click on it to learn more.

* Develop a very brief summary of professional qualifications, avoiding duplication. A good guideline to follow is the following: explain who you are, what you did, when you did, why are you passionate about something and how you completed your project.

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