Financial terms necessary for real estate issues

Financial terms necessary for real estate issues

This is the second part of our financial terms topic where we explain terms about real estate issues.

Loads Registry

They are limited to the domain of a property contained in a public document and are recorded in the Registry of Property with mortgages, subsequent conditions, easements, etc. Its existence can lead to the financial institution and does not authorize a mortgage, unless there has been prior cancellation of charge loan.

Registration certificate

Document issued by the Land Registry realizing the situation and charges of an estate.


Financial instruments to limit the risk of exposure to elevations in interest rates.

Real Estate Terms

Real Estate Terms


These are items for which the bank perceives a certain amount as a result of services provided to the borrower.

Adhesion contracts

Standardized contracts are written by developers or by the seller, API’s or real estate service providers, to be signed by the buyer of a home, assuming conditions.


This is each of periodic payments whether it is monthly, quarterly or semi-annual, that regularly occur on the loan according to the conditions agreed in the notarial deed. If the loan is in grace period, the fee will comprise exclusively the interest accrued on the loan. If you are in a normal period, the fee includes interest and repayment of capital. The odds may be different depending on the chosen billing system which could be constant, progressive, security, decreasing, etc.

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