Expanding your customer base

Expanding your customer base
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The customer portfolio is the set of regular customers of an agent or a company (usually in the field of sales). Obviously, the more numerous the customer portfolio, the more opportunities you have to earn more. Often, when you hire a sales agents, the first thing you asign to him is a portfolio, as a starting point. However, it is inevitable that everyone who wants to be successfu needs to find new buyers to purchase the products/ services of the company. Let’s see some tricks to expand your customer base.

Before seeking new customers, remember to make the most of the ones you already have. A phone call or a visit to your more fixed contacts increases your revenue without burdening much on the shoulders of a single buyer. Also keep in mind the importance of personal relationships: always ask your contact how their day is going, or something about their family. You’ll see that, in the long run, this behavior will bear fruit. Plus do not forget that a satisfied customer will be more than happy to promote you to his acquaintances. This is very important in your work.

You'll always need more

You’ll always need more

To expand your portfolio must start by advertising. You should prefer the local newspapers and radio stations in the area to do so. In this way you will be able to better distribute your product in the area without spending a fortune. Even the leaflets are very effective, but often need to be distributed. Also carefully choose the content of your advertising message, as it should be to be simple but effective. The internet is a grat means too, using the various sites that offer free publications to promote your business.

Free samples or free demonstrations are very effective tools to introduce your product to people who have never tried it. Every week, take some time to distribute samples according to a random method.  It will definitely attract new buyers that will be intrigued to your business.

Take advantage of the holidays and even anniversaries. Suggest packages and gift boxes (possibly discounted), packaged with your products for sale throughout the year to promote it to a new clientele. If you have a fixed sales point, remember to adjust the theme during the holidays to make it more welcoming and entice the customers. By doing so, you company/ business will be attract more potent customers and this will also make you more popular in your area.

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