Don’t get left behind: try these 21st century tips

Don’t get left behind: try these 21st century tips
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The future always seems so far away when you’re young, a tiny pinprick in the distance you can’t imagine travelling towards. But before you know it, you and that pinprick are standing side by side, the future almost up and your regrets trailing behind you in droves.

This little nugget of bleakness might not seem like an appropriate start to a business article, but it’s not only a life lesson – it’s a fact that every company should bear in mind.

The future is always catching up with enterprises, no matter how large or small. Consider Myspace. In the mid-2000s, this social networking site was riding high on a wave of profits. According to Bloomberg, it attracted 75.9 million monthly unique visitors at its peak in December 2008.

Yet their good fortunes didn’t last. Soon Myspace was trailing behind sites like Facebook and Twitter, its currency dwindling with every new social network that emerged.

Although it still hobbles along as a music streaming website, Myspace is essentially a relic. It’s the technological equivalent of nu-rave or the Lord of the Rings trilogy. You look back on it with nostalgia but you’d never actually want to give them another whirl.

“I think they’re leaving me behind,” sang folk legend Nick Drake. If you’re a businessperson, that quote should circle your head like a mantra because, as soon as your business is viewed as a relic, you’re finished.

With this in mind, we’ve come up with a few ways for your company to avoid the sickness we’ve dubbed ‘Myspace syndrome’. Take a look and don’t let the future pass you by.

21st century payroll devices

In the bad old days, the payroll dominated HR departments the world over. Abacuses were bleeding edge tech and reams of A4 ledger paper were wasted in pursuit of the correct calculation.

Let’s thank the future, then, for providing us with payroll software that’ll put your abacus out of its misery.

While payroll devices used to be little more than a spreadsheet with a few bells and whistles, software like Ceridian has dragged it kicking and screaming into the 21st century. We’d heartily recommend it.

On the research front

For the past decade, social media specialists have grown in stature and importance in workplaces. And they’re only one example of technological specialists you’ll have to invest in if you want your business to thrive.

Entire media agencies are now dedicated to pushing internet prominence in companies, getting them to the top of Google rankings and increasing their profits.

These agencies generally hire web designers, social media assistants, copywriters and content developers, each existing to provide up-to-date assistance on internet-related matters and developing content strategies that can then be shared on your social media channels.

Hire one of these agencies – or create your own team in-house – and you’ll always be in the loop in the world of the web.

Got any other tips to future-proof a business? Let us know in the comments below.

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