Convene a business meeting

Convene a business meeting
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Convening a successful business meeting assumes that the participation of employees or colleagues called into question is proved to be effective and, above all, proactive. This is done in order to arrive quickly to final decisions, shared in unison, to safeguard the interests of both workers and those of the company itself. In fact, the fortune of a project or a common goal is often dependent on well-organized meetings. You will therefore understand how important it is to strictly follow a series of strict and standardized rules, which are now part of the usual modus operandi of the most serious and competitive companies and management of enterprise success.

Prepare for it right to maximise its effectiveness

Prepare for it right to maximise its effectiveness


A different kind of meeting matches different criteria. Some explanatory examples: 1. A meeting of operational purposes between two people can be organized simply with a phone call or an e-mail with request for confirmation of the reading. 2. A company’s organizational meeting that concerns the entire staff instead, assumes that in addition to any personal invitations (strictly made ​​in writing or by email), there is also a reminder of the event posted on the bulletin board of the company or attached to the main convocation. This program should indicate in a very precise and concise way the date and time of the meeting, the purpose of the meeting and the list of invited participants.


It is advisable to send invitations at least 7 working days before the intended date for the meeting in the case of meetings during the work shift, and at least 10 working days notice with regard to meetings organized in unusual days and hours, compared to the normal presence in the company of staff summoned. As for meetings at predetermined intervals, simply attach a memo on the bulletin board of the company.


It is essential, first of all, to specify the motivation that will make participants to act in a positive and dynamic encounter. It seems trivial, but knowing clearly what will be the topic for debate will prepare all the staff to have greater flexibility and preparation about the agenda to be discussed.


Unless the meeting is not dictated by extraordinary contingencies that prevent accurate logistics, it is assumed that the site chosen for the meeting is within the walls of the company and adequately prepared to welcome the employees: the chairs will be sufficient for all the squad, the environment must be clean and bright, and if you wish, you can also make A4 paper sheets and pens to take notes available to the staff. If the meeting is held at unusual times such as lunch break or the end of working hours, it will be good manners to prepare water or coffee for the them.

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