Can Fitness Trackers Save You Money?

Can Fitness Trackers Save You Money?
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We all have a basic idea what fitness trackers measure steps, distances and sleep, among others are. But did you know that they can also help you save money on health insurance?

There are health insurance companies today offering insurance discount incentives for hitting physical goals such as walking a specific number of steps every day. Experts claim that these offers could slim down bellies and at the same time fatten up wallets – but only if they become mainstream.

Insurance companies, however, presently do not offer the discounts directly to consumers. Instead, they usher employers to encourage workers to use fitness bands like Jawbone or Fitbit. The insurance savings will simply be passed down by the employers to the employees. But even though no insurer is direct-selling plans involving activity tracker use right now, health care experts are asserting that this is an option currently being explored.

Started In the Car Insurance Industry

The idea is not far-fetched. As a matter of fact, it has already become a standard practice in the car insurance industry.

Car insurance companies are now offering drivers a tiny device which they can plug in to their dashboards. What this device does is allow the insurance company to monitor drivers’ driving habits for around 30 days. Those who pass as safe drivers will be eligible to receive car insurance discount.

How to Avail

So, how can you get your insurance company or employer to set up this kind of program for you?

If anything, you have to demand it. Get your boss to sign up for the program, then call your insurance company and let them know that you are willing to enroll. If your insurance company does not offer the incentive, however, then you will have to shop around and look for companies that do.

As ‘retailization’ in the health care industry continues, it only makes sense that people will start looking for companies willing to help them save and give rewards for trying to be healthy.

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