Business security – will you stop crime in your workplace?

Business security – will you stop crime in your workplace?
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Like a man shooting himself in the foot so he won’t get hit in the face with a rake, many businesses have a habit of sacrificing security in favour of cold, hard profit – and they’re putting their workplace in danger.

It’s understandable – profit is, after all, the name of the business game – but that doesn’t make it advisable.

According to government figures, there were 9.2 million crimes against businesses in England and Wales in 2012, including vandalism, arson, breaking and entering, and hacking.

Wandering into a workplace at 9am and finding it ransacked, vandalised or reduced to a pile of ashes is, as you might have already guessed, hardly desirable. So, what can you do to give your workplace the security of Fort Knox relocated to Alcatraz?

A steely glare at flames

Your plasterboard is probably perfectly functional during normal working hours, but during a fire it’ll do about as well as a newborn kitten fighting a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Indeed, while buildings have to meet certain fire safety regulations, they’re seldom enough to avoid the damage wrought by flames. Certain companies can, however, guarantee you fire proof walls that’ll stop the spread of flames from room to room.

Ideal for larger workplaces, fire proof walls could mean the difference between surface damage and a ruined business.

Keep an eye out – 24/7

Big Brother is watching, claimed George Orwell – but he said it like it was a bad thing.

The truth is that, despite feeling invasive when rolled out on a large scale, CCTV systems are a perfect way to protect your business.

Burglars will back off at the sight of them, vandals will hold off their spray cans and vindictive employees (more on them later) won’t put their hand in the till. The chance of getting caught is simply too great.

CCTV systems have advanced steadily into the 21st century. Instead of masses of wires connected to a dodgy telly, you can keep an eagle eye out via the use of a laptop or mobile phone connected to the net. So, you can be Big Brother in your business all day and all night.

The trust for the job

Do you regularly hire dodgy Danny Dyer-alikes who’ll procure items off the back of vans? Do they offer you widescreen tellies they got while “on the rob”? Yeah, stop hiring those people.

It’s difficult to figure out how to hire trustworthy people. A lot of it comes down to trial and error, but once you’ve got the right team on board you won’t have worry about your office desktops suddenly going missing.

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