5 tips to make your business card stand out from the crowd

5 tips to make your business card stand out from the crowd
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No matter how technology savvy you may be, or how well your business is represented online, the need for business cards is as great today as it has ever been. Business cards leave a lasting reminder of you, and your business, so it’s vitally important that your cards distinguish you from the competition and leave a memorable, positive impression.

Turn to the experts

Don’t be tempted to cut corners when it comes to the creation and quality of your business cards. You need to work with the experts to produce a high quality, effective business card. It’s convenient that many quality printers such as www.theprintgroup.com.au are now providing their services online. Business cards are far more than bits of paper. Always be aware that your business card could be one of the most powerful tools of connectivity available to your business. A well-designed business card helps distinguishes you and your business. It can also be the catalyst that you need for conversation and ongoing engagement with key potential clients.

Ways to use business cards to make connections and encourage leads

#1: Provide details of your social media outposts

For many businesses, social media is a great way to engage customers and keep them informed about products and services. Given this, it is sensible to emphasise your social media presence on your business card. Include relevant social media details on your card, such as your Facebook page, Pinterest account and Twitter account. However, it’s really important that you only include the social media channels on which your business is active. There’s no point giving prospective customers ‘dead’ leads.

#2: Don’t try to include everything

Don’t include every possible way of contacting you on your business card, only include those that truly help prospects to engage with you. These should be the avenues for contact that give people the most clear understanding of your company and your role, and the very best chance of reaching you. In many cases, your full street address takes up so much space, and it might be better to leave it off your business card.

#3: Lead visitors to a page of your website that starts a conversation

As surprising as it sounds, your business homepage is often not the best place to lead people. Greater advantages may be realised if you direct visitors to your blog, a dynamic resource page, a part of your website that features a download at no cost, or a really interesting video.

#4: Keep it visual

Great business cards feature more than just your company logo. It’s far more effective to include images and graphics that generate interest, discussion and engagement. Be creative and seek feedback on the images that deliver most impact.

#5: Include a call to action

It can be very helpful to consider your business card as a call to action. It can be very helpful to include a clear call to action on your business cards. Telling people what you want them to do can be hugely effective. Some businesses have achieved great results by creating business cards that are tailored for particular campaigns, events and markets. Have you got anything on the horizon that would benefit from promotion on a small print run of themed business cards?

When you are thinking about business cards, commit to making them stand out from the cards of your competition. Your business cards should be visually effective and need to contain the necessary information to facilitate customer engagement with your business.

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