5 tips on saving money on your wedding

5 tips on saving money on your wedding
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Marriage is a choice that two people make, and program it according to the economic budget available. Often, the date of the event gets postponed just because of the lack of funds needed to organize it better. In this article, you will find 5 tricks to save the marriage and get the girl.

If you intend to organize a wedding without sacrificing anything, and do it with style, you have to choose alternative methods to the traditional ones, all aiming to limit costs. The costs that most affect the organization of the wedding are the clothes of the couple, the restaurant, pictures and wedding favors. Here are some tricks for each individual topic.

Both great and economical

Both great and economical

1) The first thing you have to spend money on are the wedding invitations. It can be pretty expensive but there are some ideas that can help you limit the cost as much as possible. To do so, you have to improvise and create your own invitations, either by choosing some pre-made designs on the web or by doing them in a hand-written fashion. The thing you can do for both is to choose recycled paper, that is much cheaper than the normal industrial one.

2) The clothes, especially that of the bride, they cost quite high when you buy a bespoke dress or ready-made so the ideal is to rent them. There is a very broad spectrum and this gives you the cahnce to choose something very elegant, with a minimum more than the standard price you would pay.

3) The organization of a marriage is particularly onerous with regard to the cost of the restoration. The ideal thing to do is to rent or borrow a villa by the sea or in the mountains from a relative or friend and to choose a service catering very refined with qualified personnel.

4) Another trick to save a marriage is to replace the photographer with a relative or friend who has a digital camera of good quality, and then develop and customize the photo on your own, thanks to the many editing programs available on the web. In this case, you can limit your expenses to a minimum and the major cost you have to deal with is the print on paper.

5) Finally, the optimal solution to save even more is to make your own wedding favors, and to implement them with taste, simply by buying small sweets. In this way, the packaging of wedding favors can be elegant, original and money-saving.

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