5 Expenses that’s Taking a Toll on Your Budget and How to Cut Them Down

5 Expenses that’s Taking a Toll on Your Budget and How to Cut Them Down
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Does this situation sound familiar? You receive your paycheck, pay all the needed bills but still end up with barely enough to get by. Chances are, with a closer inspection of your expenses, you’ll find that you’re paying for things that you can live without. That said, here’s a list of expenses that are destroying your budget and what you can do about it:


With you being able to do almost anything on the internet – and yes, that includes watching TV – it’s a good time to question whether you still need to be hooked up to cable. Let’s face it, how many of the shows on TV do you actually watch? If it’s just a couple, why not take advantage of services such as Hulu, Netflix or YouTube for your TV addiction? With those services, you get to watch your favorite shows at more cost-effective rates and in some cases, for free.

Mobile Plans

It’s a given that you need a mobile device these days, but is it so wise to sign a two-year contract? Why not go for carriers that offer cost-effective plans that have no long-term contract agreements? For example, you can get a plan that starts at $35 per month compared to $120 per month for a long-term contract.

Energy Bills

You can save 3% on your heating bill for every time you lower your thermostat by one degree. Let’s say you keep your place at 75 degrees. Lowering this to 72 degrees helps you save about 9% on your utility bill.


Save money on gas and car expenses by opting to take public transportation, especially if you live in the city.

Dining Out

Eating out costs more than cooking your own food. This is why it’s recommended to learn at least some very basic recipes to save more. Even better, you can make a big batch during the weekend, freeze it and take portions to work.

Besides, if you really want to dine out, try saving for it rather than going out on a whim. This makes for a more enjoyable experience because you worked hard for what you ordered.

The key to not plunging yourself into debt is knowing what you can live without and not giving in to impulses.

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