4 Money Concepts Kids Are Learning from Minecraft

4 Money Concepts Kids Are Learning from Minecraft
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Yes, yes, Minecraft is a game. Aren’t games supposed to be limited when it comes to children? Yes, but sometimes, there are games that can teach children how to value money. And yes, one of these games is Minecraft.

Minecraft is a video game that is the addiction for a lot of people. It’s so popular that even Microsoft paid over 2 billion dollars for its maker, Mojang AB.

The concept behind the game is to create your own world using pieces that look like Lego. And in case you’re wondering what a Lego brick can teach your child about money, read on to find out.

Starting something out of nothing 

When playing Minecraft, there is absolutely no instruction. No one tells you what to do. In other words, you’re forced to fend off for yourself. You’re put in this strange land where you have to figure out how to get resources to build it up.

In Minecraft, a player needs to be able to gain skills the use what they learned to create a better world for themselves.

Protecting what you have 

When you start earning money, you save some of it for your future. Then, you make sure to keep it protected like putting it in a bank so it can grow. The money you saved can go a long way in cases of emergencies or forbid something terrible happens and you need access to cash.

Minecraft is just like real life where you have to protect yourself against a terrible future. It wouldn’t make sense for your character to carry all his belongings when traveling because if you’re attacked, you will lose what is precious to you.

This is why characters in Minecraft hide what they own in chests to keep them away from so-called griefers who are there to steal and break things.

Making the right connections 

As they say, life is all about who you know. When it comes to Minecraft, that concept is very much alive. Being in touch with the right people will help you get through life a while lot better.

Just like the Mafia Wars game on Facebook, going at it on your own will see you stuck forever in one level or city. However, having friends who give you a card or any other time can help you move up a lot faster.

Earning from your skills 

When you develop a specialty on Minecraft, others will come seeking your services. Just like the old Farmville, friends ask you to harvest for them and you get something in return. The same thing is true in Minecraft. Although Minecraft is a game, it does teach kids some very important concepts about money.

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