4 marketing hacks for niche businesses

4 marketing hacks for niche businesses
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Setting up a niche business with specialist products and services can be a real money-maker.

But sustaining profitability and attracting new customers can be tricky for B2B firms.

Putting all of your business eggs in one basket can still prove lucrative, provided that you market your offering appropriately.

So these four marketing hacks for niche businesses will help you develop an effective strategy.

Digital marketing

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter have massive reaches online — but they’re also crowded and their instant interactivity is often better suited to B2C firms.

Email is still a popular and effective method of distributing marketing content for B2B operators and getting customers to sign up for regular email newsletters can stimulate conversions.

But LinkedIn’s focus on business makes segmenting customers child’s play and means it’s easier to share the type of targeted content that makes you an influential voice in your industry, builds trust and encourages sales.

Your business might be sustained by a handful of high-value sales rather than millions of customers making low-value purchases.

So the appropriate strategy helps you stand out from the competition and connect with customers that count.

Offline marketing

A well-developed digital strategy can benefit most businesses, but don’t ignore offline marketing.

Purchasers want to be sure that technical products actually work — so trying them out prior to payment is crucial.

So if you’re a company offering ph testing products then your online presence can be complemented by attending a trade show where you can meet potential customers and allow them to physically examine your ph meters in person.

Attending networking meetings with fellow businesspeople is also a great opportunity to hand out your business cards and get to know people who might want your offering or can make a referral.

If you come across as knowledgeable and sociable then it’s easier to develop mutually beneficial relationships.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

If you’ve invented a completely original product or service, then promoting your USP should be simple — make the problem-solving potential of your offering abundantly clear and promote yourself as a trailblazer.

But if you’re competing against rival firms you’ll need a different tack.

So decide if you can sell your products at a cheaper price or whether you might offer free maintenance or a generous guarantee — something substantial that gives you a genuine competitive edge and differentiates you from the firm down the block doing something similar.

Customer experience

Customer experience covers each touchpoint of a customer’s journey from their first exposure to your brand through to purchase, aftercare and support.

And offering bespoke and proactive customer service throughout this cycle does wonders for encouraging brand loyalty and advocacy.

In a crowded marketplace, a unique customer experience both on and offline can capture valuable custom.

So the way you treat customers can be even more valuable than your products or services.

Follow these four marketing hacks for niche businesses and you’ll be the go-to firm for your specialism.

How do you market your niche business? Share your tips in the comments section.

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