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Human resources | Top 5 tips for hiring
0 comments, 30/07/2014, by in Business, Health

Recruitment and human resources specialists such as Chandler Macleod know that appointing the best people is critical. Few businesses can afford to lose time, money and suffer poor results, because of a bad choice of candidate. In fact, the cost of a bad hiring decision is estimated to be anywhere i... Read more...

5 tips on saving money on your holidays
0 comments, 18/07/2014, by in Saving

With the advent of summer vacation, except for those lucky enough to not usually have any problems making ends meet, the vast majority of people consider how to enjoy a vacation while not compromising their domestic economy too. This is not an easy task of course, but there are many tips and ideas y... Read more...

5 tips on saving money on your wedding
0 comments, 16/06/2014, by in Saving

Marriage is a choice that two people make, and program it according to the economic budget available. Often, the date of the event gets postponed just because of the lack of funds needed to organize it better. In this article, you will find 5 tricks to save the marriage and get the girl. If you int... Read more...