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The benefits of investing in ETFs
0 comments, 10/08/2014, by in Investing

ETFs, which are now becoming more common, are the ideal investment that is suitable for various time horizons. They provide a simple way to build portfolios that can satisfy different investment objectives, making it possible for the audience of investors to have direct access to markets otherwise d... Read more...

Investing in gold
0 comments, 21/06/2014, by in Investing

The financial investment in gold is now a popular tool on the market because it is the only one that is be able to cope with inflation and the world monetary crisis. The price of gold in recent years has been leveling up, becoming a source of wealth for those who work in the industry, and it is for ... Read more...

Investing in Bitcoins
0 comments, 04/03/2014, by in Investing

Towards the Ecuador of trading one Bitcoin was trading at $ 1,055 but at some point of the day came to stand at $ 1,073. Two months ago the Bitcoin exceeded for the first time the $ 900. A Senate committee was held recently to examine the "risks and promises" of Bitcoins, which offer the same privac... Read more...