Dealing with money problems in marriage

Dealing with money problems in marriage

Along with infidelity, money issues are among the most common causes of conflict and consequential divorce in a marriage. Money can be used to dominate a relationship or satisfy a person’s ego. Very often it is instead a great source of anxiety when you are faced with mortgages to pay and children to raise. Here are some ways to address the issues of money and not to let it destroy your marriage.

As soon as two people get married, they should sit down together and identify key future financial needs. Paying a loan for a house or put money aside for an annual vacation may be especially in the minds of newlyweds. However over the years the priorities may change, especially after having children. Conflicts of money usually arise when partners have different priorities. While maybe the husband wants to invest in a new car, the wife thinks that the money should go for a long exotic vacation.

Together you can figure it out

Together you can figure it out

And here is  that the maturity and strength of a couple must come out. You have to reach a compromise that satisfies both of you and that also is the extent of the budget of your family.For example, in the above case you could go on the weekend trip to a nearby destination and the husband could settle for a cheaper model. Whatever the decision, it is appropriate to keep in mind the desires of both partners and the resources available.

One of the most frequent causes of the financial problems in a marriage is when the money spent is more than the money made.
To address the problem, start by adding up all your gains and then proceed to make a family budget, including the cost of every day, such as food and transport, the weekly purchases like groceries, school supplies and personal care products, as well as monthly charges such as utility bills. To this, add about ten percent for entertainment like going to the movies or eating out.

Add another ten percent to meet emergency expenses such as health problems, broken pipes or problems with the car. If you have a mortgage to pay, or any other type of loan, please include it in your budget plan too. This is only a vague idea of how you should be planning a family budget because the data vary according to the needs of each family. However, the important thing is that you remember the importance of living together with someone and the means to strive to do their best.
A common complaint that brings marital problems in a relationship is that the partner who brings in the most money at home always assumes that he is the one that controls the relationship. Rather, both partners should be regarded as equal contributors to the report and, therefore, both must be fully entitled to have a voice in the costs of economic management.

Talking about money is almost never a pleasant thing, but it is necessary if two people want to share a life together. The key to solve money problems lies in the effective communication between you and your spouse so that you can work together like a well-rehearsed team, to achieve your financial goals and budget.

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