3 tech-based solutions for improving customer service

3 tech-based solutions for improving customer service
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You’ve used a self-service checkout, right? You’ve had to stand uselessly as your supposedly fast-track till refuses to co-operate, rage simmering away as your lunch hour is slowly eaten up? Then you understand perfectly how frustrating the modern world can be.

Everything was supposed to be so much easier after the technological revolution, yet anyone who’s struggled with stubborn self-service machines or sluggish online shops will know 21st-century life doesn’t run as smoothly as we were promised.

Luckily, your customers will never endure a similarly frustrating shopping experience. Or they won’t if you wisely invest in new technology as you launch your startup.

We’ve identified three of the best tech-based solutions for streamlining customer service and boosting your sales in the process. Take a look.

#1: know your customer

Understanding what your customer wants is the secret to success. Although you can always talk to them face-to-face or via social media, it’s often a time-consuming task. Fortunately, there’s a much simpler solution for getting feedback.

Collecting data which can be analysed and used constructively is a major benefit of feedback solutions using questback software, and because surveys and questionnaires are undertaken anonymously, people are much more likely to be honest.

You’ll effectively get a sneak peek at your customer’s inner thoughts and feeling – a must for helping you identify and address their needs.

#2: be available 24/7

A side effect of the way we’re all permanently plugged into smartphones is our growing expectation for 24/7 communication. We love the idea that everyone – friends and businesses alike – will be available whenever we need them, and get easily frustrated when that isn’t the case.

With websites and a properly maintained online presence, your customers will be able to get in touch with you – and buy from you – at whatever time suits them best.

If you want to take your startup to the next level, developing your own app is a worthwhile investment. It’ll take money and patience but it’s a massive selling point for the future.

#3: make it easy to buy

An overly complicated buying process will quickly lose you sales and customers, so simplifying transactions as much as possible is key. This is especially important if most of your dealings take place entirely online.

It’s important to bear in mind that, just like no one enjoys waiting in long queues, nobody wants to waste time filling out lengthy contracts or application forms. One useful area in this regard is digital signage.

Although it’s been around for a while, new backing from the EU has made digital signatures a more credible – and legally recognisable – form of authorisation.

As soon as your door opens you want to ensure your business is earning a reputation for providing quality customer service. Get started by investing in these three areas, and you’ll soon see a boost in sales.

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