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3 Mistakes to Avoid in Business Startups
0 comments, 27/04/2016, by in Business

Business startups are not as easy as they seem and nearly 90 percent of new businesses fail in the first year. Ask successful entrepreneurs and they will tell you this is true because at one point or the other, they, too did not make it several times. But here, we will not talk about what you need t... Read more...

Tenancy Tips for Millennials
0 comments, 20/04/2016, by in Real Estate

According to a news report, some millennials prefer renting over buying when it comes to houses. Although there are those who also want their own homes, the fear of losing their jobs and having to move around for employment leave them no choice but to pay for the letting fee. Are you one of those wh... Read more...

Is Home Ownership Still Worth It?
0 comments, 06/04/2016, by in Real Estate

Homeownership has long been deemed an American dream. However, with today's rising house prices and increasing foreclosure rate, homeownership may not be in the investment list of many younger Americans. A research conducted by real estate listing and analytics company, Zillow, revealed that many A... Read more...